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The use of economics Spanish working, studying, negotiating, … to develop language skills is a page where you can start, improve and perfect your knowledge of spanish. Click on the different links and on the menu for more information.

Beginners Level 1 Level 2 with basic knowledge

Intermediate Level 1Level 2

Advanced Level 1Level 2

Choose the level of learning you need, as well as the topics you are interested in. We will programme your course in a personalised way, according to your knowledge of Spanish and your interests, topics, contents, fields of activity, …, as well as the duration of the course.

Choose the level and content that suits you best.


Economic fields of work

  • The courses are aimed and designed for students of economics and business and other curricula, for business people, entrepreneurs, investors, economists, managers, executives, secretaries, qualified employees and teachers of Spanish as a second language for specific purposes, who want to increase their knowledge of Spanish in the field of economics and business.
  • On this page you can develop your knowledge of Spanish for specific purposes such as the economy and business, and for the performance of your professional or educational work.
  • It provides personalised teaching, training, coaching and tutoring according to your needs, with grammatical and functional content to express yourself adequately.
  • Individual classes or small groups of up to 3 people.

One-to-One or Small Group


The e-Handbooks follow the model used by the FernUniversität Gesamthochschule in Hagen (Germany) and the European Framework of Reference for the Teaching of Second Languages.

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E-books for each level, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced, focused on business, macroeconomics and microeconomics topics.

Online learning & training

Our offer of success in your e-learning

Online teaching offers many advantages. Combine your work with learning Spanish economics for business, commerce and economics, both in the professional and academic fields.

Trabajando – Hablando – Estudiando – Negociando

Spanish for work – at work – to read information and news of economics and business – of meeting – for business – to speak & write correctly in the professional field of economics and business – for teacher of spanish as a foreign language – for teaching and academic work in spanish

«Business Spanish Courses», levels 0-I-II-III-IV, are courses that were initially developed for distance learning at the university for teaching of the Spanish Language for economics and business. Currently as online courses, under the names Beginners 1-2, Intermediate 1-2, Advanced 1-2, are addressed to students of Economics and Business, businessmen, senior managers, entrepreneurs, professionals who need a better knowledge of Spanish, economists, investors, executives, secretaries, as well as for teachers of Spanish as foreign language.